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eCigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes:

Clinical studies evaluating the effects of short-term EC use on selected cardiovascular and respiratory functional outcomes have shown that even if some harmful effects of vaping are reported, these are considerably milder compared with smoking conventional cigarettes.

On second hand vaping vs second hand smoking:

They observed that the half life of EC aerosol was 11 seconds compared with 20 minutes for cigarette smoke, indicating that risk of passive vaping exposure is significantly lower compared with passive smoking.

In addition:

Although evaluating the effects of passive vaping requires further work, based on the existing evidence from environmental exposure and chemical analyses of vapor, it is safe to conclude that the effects of EC use on bystanders are minimal compared with conventional cigarettes.

In conclusion:

ECs are a revolutionary product in tobacco harm reduction. Although they emit vapor, which resembles smoke, there is literally no fire (combustion) and no ‘fire’ (suspicion or evidence that they may be the cause for disease in a similar way to tobacco cigarettes). Due to their unique characteristics, ECs represent a historical opportunity to save millions of lives and significantly reduce the burden of smoking-related diseases worldwide.

Read the full article on the National Institute of Health’s site.


Before using batteries with an advance mod (high wattage, low resistance, or mechanical), make sure that your battery can handle the amperage draw of your mod configuration.

Here is a handy battery safety check calculator created by